Welcome to Art School

BAD ACADEMIA is a mockumentary style sneak peek into the lives of college art school students. The series is set and shot at California Institute of the Arts ( CalArts ) in Santa Clarita, CA.


Meet Siobhan, a high strung musical theater student at CalArts. Along with Siobhan comes Jamie and Cressida. Jamie, Siobhan's roommate, struggles with Siobhan's lack of boundaries and personal space while Cressida just can't get enough.


Directed by: ZuZu Kandilige

Written by: ZuZu Kandilige

Shot by: ZuZu Kandilige





Set at California Institute of the Arts ( CalArts)


                                            Created by CalArts BFA Acting student ZuZu Kandilige

Starring: Ronen as Siobhan

Audrey Frechtman as Jamie

Darby Huffaker as Cressida

Featuring: Olive Milford and Anna Victoria Dawn

Theme Song: by Ronen, Olive Milford, and ZuZu Kandilige

past tense

a nonverbal piece

directed by: zuzu kandilige

written by: zuzu kandilige

shot by: zuzu kandilige

music written by: zuzu kandilige

starring: emma harmon and ainsley herron