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ZuZu IN "XBOX: The Future of Gaming" (2022)


Hellooo! My name is ZuZu and I'm a director, actor, and screenwriter born and raised in Seattle, WA! I entered the world of performing arts through improv classes and school theatre and was soon drawn to the world of film and television. With the help of my drama teacher, Diana Henderson, I started acting under agency representation in 2018. This led me to gravitate toward and explore directing and writing!


My most recent acting work include starring in Xbox: The Future of Gaming, my winning performance in the 2021 August Wilson Monologue Competition, and the short film "Slice of Life" (2022) directed by Hannah Walls.


My most recent directing and writing work include the short film "Halocline" which is set to release in 2023, the short skit "NEENA," and my web series "BAD ACADEMIA."​

In my free time I enjoy reading, screenwriting, and binging TV! I also love thrifting, travel, and desserts (if you've never had a pizookie before... go get one)!

I am based in LA and Seattle and attend CalArts to earn my BFA in acting!

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+ Directing


my agent at TCM 

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