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ZuZu Kandilige is an actor, director, and writer from the Pacific Northwest. She is best known for writing and directing the short film Brah, starring in the short film Slice of Life (2022), and her winning performance in the 2021 August Wilson Monologue Competition. She has trained at the West End Stage Summer School in London for theatre as well as trained in acting for the camera and technique in the PNW. She is now attending California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) working towards her BFA in acting with an interest in filmmaking.

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BAD ACADEMIA is the home of ZuZu's films, projects, productions, and other creative endeavors. So far, BAD ACADEMIA has produced the short films, Brah (2023),  Halocline (coming 2024), In A While Crocodile (coming 2023), and the web series BAD ACADEMIA (since 2022). 

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